Faculty Details

Meeta Ujjain

Meeta Ujjain , Ph.D. Mass communication ujjainmeeta@gmail.com



Mob- 9582498709

E-Mail:-  ujjainmeeta@gmail.com   


I am Meeta Ujjain working as an Associate Professor at IIMC ,New Delhi.

Current Position

  • Currently working as an Associate Professor in the department of Advertising and PR at Indian institute of Mass Communication,New Delhi
  •    Assistant professor in Department of Advertising & Public Relations   at Makhanlal chaturvedi National university of Journalism and communication from  September 2005 to  March 2022

UGC Eligibility

  • UGC-NET Exam December 2003 Qualified in Mass Communication and Journalism


Teaching Specialization

Specialization in Development communication, Public relations  ,Video production

Lecture Delivered

  • National seminar at National Law institute on the topic Women ,human rights and media.
  •      Lectures delivered in Refresher course  at UGC academic staff college ,Nagpur University
  •   Lecture delivered at Mass comm and journalism  department at Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam.
  • Lecture on production portfolio at NISCORT,media college,Vaishali  


Subjects/Papers taught by me-

P.G. Course:  Development communication , Public relations, communication research ,video production.

Research guidance : Provided research guidance to 12  M Phil and PH D  course work students.


Teaching Experiences:

  • Assistant Professor in the   Department of Advertising and PR   at Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication since 2005.

 Administrative  Duties:

Presently working as  a course coordinator for the Department of Advertising and public relations Earlier also worked as a course coordinator for the Department of MS.C.(Media Research)

Member of Board of studies  for syllabus designing for the department of Advertising and PR, at Makhanlal  Chaturvedi university.

Member of Departmental Research committee for the Department of Advertising and public relations

Convener of cultural event “Pratibha”2019

Performed duties related to the examination as an examination superintendent for semester exam 2019.


Research thesis/ dissertation/Projects:

PhD thesis  on the Impact of the  effectiveness of communication strategy regarding the maternal health in Madhyapradesh.

Educational Qualifications:

  •    Ph.D. Mass communication (Awarded on date 31.05.2018), from Andhra university vishakapattanam
  •   Master in communication and Public Relations in First division with 70%
  •   Bachelor of Vocational Honors  in Communicative English (with media studies) from  Patna Women’s college  in First Division with 64% Patna University (Patna) 2000.

Research paper/article published in Refereed/Indian Journal (ISSN)

International Journal:Research Article Published on  the topic “Mental Health Promotion in India: issues and challenges in Research Hunt, ISSN/ISBN- 0973-5569, peer reviewed with  Impact factor(0.048)


National journal:

  •  Research Article Published titled  whose  media “ in The journal of Interdisciplinary  Policy Research Action,(p101-108), ISSN0975-0568,2010
  •  Research Article Published titled  Representation of socially excluded Group of Women in Media……(p13-19),  in Media MImansa, ISSN2229-5593,2012,


  • Research Article Published titled  yahan stri ka chehra hai sawal nahi”(p13-19),  in Media Vimarsh,  1SSN2249-0599, 2011
  •  Research Article Published titled   compatibility of different communication tools in creating impact to the audience(p27-34),  in Media MImansa, ISSN2229-5593,2012, July-December 2018
  •  Research Article Published titled   Globalization and its impact on women’s health”,in the Proceeding of National conference on Environment, globalisation and quality of life 2014, ISBN:978-81-7004-321-8



  •  Research Article Published titled   Role of media in national Integration(p120-p126) - Proceeding of conference on National integration: Issues and challenges ,ISBN: 978-93-85437-04-5


  Seminar/Conferences/workshops Attended/ Research Paper presented

  •  Paper presented at   international   conference on the topic “Representation of socially excluded group of women in print media :A  comparative study of Hindi and English press, 27-28 December2010   
  • Paper presented at   international   conference on the topic “Mental health campaign in India: Issues and challenges,16 -17 December 2010 at Bangkok ,organized by NIDA
  • Paper presented on the topic “Role of media in National Integration: An  analysis and study of cases, 6-7 December 2015 organized by ICSSR and Department of sociology ,S.B.SGovt college Rudrapur.
  •  Paper presented in National  seminar  on the topic “Globalization and its Impact on women’s health” 2-3 December 2014 organized by ICSSR and Department of sociology ,S.B.SGovt college Rudrapur
  • Paper presented at   international   conference on the topic “Influence of Hallyu at Indian entertainment industry ,  22-23  May 2017 at JNU, organized by JNU
  •  Paper presented at   international   conference on the topic “  Role of new media in promoting popular culture with special reference  to  Hallyu” , organized by school of language ,literature,  culture studies JNU, 22-23 May 2018
  •  Paper presented at   national   conference on the topic “  women ,media ,and human rights :an introspection at NISCORT , organized by Eureka publications, 22-23 march2019.

 Faculty development program e attended:


Orientation program me (28) days from Jan82 -Feb 2007 at academic staff college JNU , New Delhi

Refresher course in Mass communication and Journalism (interdisciplinary) from Andhra university,2010

Refresher course in Media studies and governance oragnised ny UGC academic staff  college  Jamia milia Islamia university,2013

 Refresher course in   environmental studies (interdisciplinary)   organized by UGC academic staff college JNU,New delhi,


  Workshop attended:

 Attended National workshop on Research methodology in social science from 10th Dec to 14th Dec2007 at Department of Education , Baroda university  .

 Attended National workshop on “Participatory Communication and Action- Approaches Tools, Process, six days residential workshop  from September 26th to Oct 1st 2010 at Deolali, Nashik,Mharashtra.


Attended a workshop on “Multi camera TV operation and Production, from 23rd July to 11th August 2012, organized by FTII, Pune.


 Personal Profile:

 Name               :         Dr. Meeta ujjain      

 Date of Birth           :            5th March 1979    

 Language Known   :           Hindi and English 

 Contact no.               : 9582498709